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Position • Jul, 2019 → Current (5 years, 1 month)

Engineer at Acme Corp.

I’m a Software Engineer at Acme Corp. I’m working on next gen Acme things, doing awesome stuff!

Blogs or videos • May, 2024

I like to write. This is a blog post.

I like to write. This is a blog post.

Even though I’m currently employed, I’m still doing things like writing blog posts about cool stuff I’m learning or working on. Check this one out!

Open source • Jul, 2022 → Jul, 2023 (1 year, 1 month)

The Blockchain

For about a year, I maintained this pretty successful open-source project. Then I made some foolish bets.

Assessment • December, 2021
Elixir - Score: 201/300
Assessment • July, 2021
Ruby Language Fundamentals - Score: 244/300
Position • Jul, 2015 → Jul, 2017 (2 years, 1 month)

Jr. Engineer at Big Corp.

I was a Jr. Engineer at Big Corp. I was working on next gen Big things, doing awesome stuff!

Education • 2004 → 2008
BS in computer science

BS in computer science at UC Fancy Pants

I could have saved a lot of time and money if I had known that all the answers were on StackOverflow.

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