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Jon Lunsford

Engineer @convertkit
San Luis Obispo, CA

Sr. Software Engineer with 13 years experience designing cost-effective, data-intensive and scalable systems.

I’ve architected many complex systems, some that:

  • Evaluate the quality of 50,000+ monthly account signups, reducing fraudulent activity by 90%.
  • Ingest 100k+ events per second, process terabytes of data and power complex analytics features.
  • Evaluate the quality of user generated content, ensuring a 99.5% delivery rate of 2.5 billion monthly emails.
  • Detect and prevent fraudulent Credit Card activity saving over $450,000 in losses.
  • Mitigate bot traffic to endpoints receiving 100k+ submissions per minute.

I want to work with:

elixir erlang/OTP ruby go rust python

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Position • Jan, 2017 → Current (7 years, 7 months)

Sr. Engineer at ConvertKit


ruby ruby-on-rails elixir redis sidekiq amazon-web-services heroku github go mysql postgresql cassandra elasticsearch backend
  • Pioneered machine learning and behavioral analysis systems for credit card fraud prevention, saving over $450,000 in losses and ensuring the seamless processing of over $3,000,000 in monthly revenue.
  • Built robust spam and bot detection systems, ensuring a 99.5% email delivery rate for 2.5 billion monthly emails, safeguarding the company’s reputation and preventing automated sign-ups.
  • Founded a cross-functional Trust & Safety Team, facilitating all communication, project prioritization and technical scoping.
  • Designed and built a comprehensive flagging and monitoring system, reducing the rate of abusive account creation by 90%.
  • Implemented a cost-efficient, event-driven analytics backend processing over 30,000 events per second, empowering customers to analyze vital business metrics, including traffic sources and revenue streams.
  • Developed engagement analysis of over 4 billion customer subscribers, processing real-time events such as email opens, link clicks, page views and product purchases to enable powerful targeting and audience segmentation.
  • Conducted regular Lunch & Learn sessions on topics such as OO Design, Testing, DDD, and Systems Design, enhancing code quality, such as reducing flaky tests by 25%
Feature or apps • March, 2022



elixir phoenix live-view fly-io postgresql github-actions

I made DevStory in response to StackOverflow shutting down their resume / CV product. The goal of this project is to provide a good way for developers to communicate their work and learning history, hopefully landing them a great job! Built with Elixir/PhoenixLiveView

Assessment • December, 2021
Elixir - Score: 201/300
Assessment • July, 2021
Ruby Language Fundamentals - Score: 244/300
Assessment • July, 2021
Building Web Apps with Ruby On Rails - Score: 211/300
ruby-on-rails web-applications
Position • Aug, 2009 → Jul, 2021 (12.0 years)

Owner / Engineer at Capture The Castle


ruby elixir phoenix ruby-on-rails rspec backend

Capture The Castle was my personal freelancing business. Building software for small and large businesses.

Feature or apps • September, 2020

Myco Farm Co.


elixir nerves-project iot influxdb

Myco Farm Co. is a small scale farm specializing in gourmet & medicinal mushrooms.

Using proprietary technology, called MycoBot, we grow Maitake, Lion's Mane, Chestnut, King Oyster, Golden Oyster, Blue Oyster, Turkey Tail and more.

Blogs or videos • August, 2020

EMx 104: Deploying Elixir with Mix, Terraform and Ansible with Jon Lunsford


elixir ansible terraform amazon-web-services smtp

In this episode of Elixir Mix, we talk with Jon Lunsford about Elixir’s many releases and deployment options, why/how to deploy Elixir with Terraform and we learn why Jon built an SMTP server in Elixir! Sponsors | Career Rocket Fuel For Curious Coders CacheFly Panel Alex Koutmos Steven Nuñez Lars Wikman Sophie DeBenedetto Guest…

Blogs or videos • June, 2020

Deploying Elixir (3 of 3): Provisioning EC2 With Ansible


elixir ansible terraform amazon-web-services

Provision an EC2 instance with Ansible for elixir deployment. third in a series of three posts on deploying Elixir.

Blogs or videos • June, 2020

Deploying Elixir (2 of 3): Terraforming an AWS EC2 Instance


elixir ansible terraform amazon-web-services

Prepare an EC2 instance with Terraform for elixir deployment. Second in a series of three posts on deploying Elixir.

Blogs or videos • June, 2020

Deploying Elixir (1 of 3): Building Releases With Mix


elixir terraform ansible

Build elixir releases locally with Docker & Mix. First in a series of 3 posts on deploying Elixir.

Blogs or videos • May, 2019

Elixir: Building a Small JSON Endpoint With Plug, Cowboy and Poison


elixir plug cowboy poison
Elixir: Building a Small JSON Endpoint With Plug, Cowboy and Poison

Let’s see how easy it is to build a production ready endpoint with Plug, using Erlang’s Cowboy HTTP server

Blogs or videos • September, 2018

Refactoring Ruby: Introduce Null Object


ruby refactoring

Introduce Null Object is a great refactoring tool when you find yourself checking for nil too often. nil checks are often signs of much…

Blogs or videos • September, 2018

Refactoring Ruby: Extract Method


ruby refactoring

Extract Method can be used when you have several expressions, a code fragment, that can be grouped together. Even if there is one…

Blogs or videos • August, 2018

Refactoring Ruby: Replace Temp with Query


ruby refactoring

Let’s look at another simple yet powerful refactoring method, Replace Temp with Query. You can use this when you have a temporary variable…

Blogs or videos • August, 2018

Refactoring Ruby: Extract Variable


ruby refactoring

Let’s take a look at a simple way to add clarity to your ruby methods. Extract Variable or Introduce Explaining Variable, it’s probably one…

Feature or apps • April, 2018

Syndicate App.


elixir phoenix redis digital-ocean dokku postgresql

Automate email arrivals to your inbox with powerful rules. Take control of your Syndication with anonymity and automation.

Blogs or videos • November, 2017

Receiving Emails Over SMTP With Elixir


elixir smtp
Receiving Emails Over SMTP With Elixir

Let’s see just how simple SMTP is with elixir/erlang. I began experimenting with this mostly as a learning tool to get more familiar with…

Position • Nov, 2014 → Jan, 2017 (2 years, 3 months)

Senior Software Engineer at Kannu (Formerly Kadenze)


ruby ruby-on-rails knockout.js javascript sass rspec redis sidekiq haml jst jira kanban agile
  • Improved PostgreSQL performance in a classroom forum feature, speeding up thread loading by 70%, fostering better student-professor collaboration.
  • Engineered a robust, real-time tracking system for interactive classroom UI, recording over 10,000 client-side events per minute; enabling highly accurate progress tracking and streamlined coursework submission.
  • Reduced reported errors by 10% by speeding up test feedback and educating others on best practices.
  • Collaborated with designers and project managers to deliver education based features to hundreds of universities globally, enabling thousands of students to collaborate, learn & submit coursework.
Position • Aug, 2012 → Nov, 2014 (2 years, 4 months)

Front-End Engineer at MINDBODY


tfs visual-studio less javascript scrum agile
  • Introduced testing on the front end, reducing errors reported by 17%.
  • Optimized front-end best practices, resulting in a 2x increase in the number of features delivered.
  • Led regular interactive training sessions for 20+ engineers on front-end best practices, fostering continuous learning.
Position • Jun, 2014 → Sep, 2014 (4 months)

Software Engineer (Contract) at AlphaSights


ruby ruby-on-rails vim circleci continuous-integration rspec3 tmux
  • Built an internal email processing tool, resulting in a 30-minute reduction in sales lead processing time by designing a rules engine to parse incoming messages and extract content for quicker analysis.
Position • Nov, 2011 → Aug, 2012 (10 months)

Software Engineer at WINTR.US


ruby ruby-on-rails capistrano ssh command-line zsh haml javascript css html amazon-elastic-beanstalk
  • Architected web applications for top brands like Microsoft, Starbucks, Stanley, AT&T and Western Digital. Developed the 2012 Sasquatch Music Festival Site, winner of three awards and one additional nomination.
Position • Oct, 2010 → Oct, 2011 (1 year, 1 month)

Web Developer - Lead at Taphandles LLC


html css javascript php mysql wordpress photoshop adobe-illustrator adobe-indesign
  • Established reusable website components and patterns, decreasing delivery times by 20%.
  • Launched custom, interactive, websites for top breweries nationwide, meeting critical deadlines.
Position • Jul, 2009 → Aug, 2010 (1 year, 2 months)

Web Developer - Lead at The Canopy Club


html css javascript php mysql wordpress photoshop adobe-illustrator adobe-indesign
  • Implemented secure CMS systems enabling the management of over 20 websites related to music venues and festivals.

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