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Delphi/Rust/Go developer. Ethereum consultant. Embarcadero MVP. Ex-Adobe, Macromedia. Helped build 1Password.

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Open source • Jan, 2022 → Current (10 months)


Migratooor transfers all your tokens from one wallet to another.

Open source • Oct, 2018 → Current (4 years, 1 month)


Web3 implementation for the Delphi programming language.

Position • Sep, 2016 → Current (6 years, 2 months)

Embarcadero MVP

Member of Embarcadero’s Most Valuable Professionals.

Open source • May, 2022 → Jul, 2022 (3 months)

Grantee, Balancer DAO

An implementation of the Balancer protocol in native code.

Blogs or videos • December, 2021

Buy UTNP on Uniswap while paying almost no gas for the swap

In this article, we will use Uniswap on Arbitrum (not on Ethereum)

Blogs or videos • October, 2020

Introducing wrapped Universa

Introducing wrapped Universa

WUTN (aka Wrapped UTNP) is a token bridge for Universa’s UTNP token.

Feature or apps • June, 2020


Bankless is a DeFi desktop app with the highest possible yield on your stablecoin savings.

Blogs or videos • September, 2018

On-chain document verification; a proof of concept.

Blockchains don’t guarantee truth; they preserve truth & lies from later alteration.

Position • Jan, 2014 → Oct, 2016 (2 years, 10 months)

Lead Developer at AgileBits, Toronto, Canada

Leader of the 1Password for Windows engineering team.

Milestone • May, 2016

Winner – Embarcadero Cool App Contest

Winner – Embarcadero Cool App Contest

1Password for Windows is Winner of the Cool‐App‐build‐with‐Delphi Contest

Blogs or videos • May, 2016

Why an unsalted MD5 hash is bad practice

The other day, Paul Moore asked a question on Twitter…

Feature or apps • August, 2014

1Password for Windows

1Password is a password and identity manager for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android.

Milestone • June, 2013

Macworld Editors' Choice Awards

Macworld Editors' Choice Awards

1Password 4

Position • Mar, 2006 → Sep, 2007 (1 year, 7 months)

Software Developer at Adobe Systems, Bangalore, India

Member of the Captivate engineering team.

Blogs or videos • May, 2004

Extending Dreamweaver

Extending Dreamweaver

I wrote an article for the May 2004 issue of Delphi Informant Magazine.

Position • Aug, 1999 → Oct, 2001 (2 years, 3 months)

Software Developer at Macromedia, San Francisco

Member of the Authorware engineering team.

Education • 1992 → 1996
Hogeschool Utrecht

Hogeschool Utrecht

Bachelor of Science, Industrial Management & Technology.